with 3DValue you make it possible, the paperless factory

A Paperless Factory is a fundamental starting point for every company that strives to standardize and constantly improve their processes. With 3DValue you can define your Best Practices, reduce errors, increase efficiency and, above all, satisfy your customers!

our vision

make digital shop floor work life SIMPLER, more PLEASANT and more PRODUCTIVE

our solution

Operators are controlled digitally at their level with the correct work instructions

Rejected products can be analyzed by the digital history for production improvement

Of all the products produced, a digital representation from the production phase is available for tractability (Digital Twin)

Demonstrably achieved quality and delivery time, resulting in a satisfied end customer

our trophies

“Decisive for the choice in 3DValue is the link with the 3D CAD data from Technology. Production can make the necessary assembly instructions as independent of Technology”

Itho Daalderop | Richard van Gelder | Production Manager

“With 3DValue we have been able to raise the quality of our installation instructions to a higher level and also achieve a significant reduction in the lead time of the Time To Market”

Vencomatic | Ronald Kuijken | Manager R&D

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About us

It is our passion to make it EXCEPTIONALLY SIMPLE and TRANSPARENT within the manufacturing industry, from operator to management, to achieve CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS in productivity